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Common Questions

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What is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic Violence is violence committed by an offender within a victim's close circle. The relationship abuse can be physical, sexual, financial, emotional, or psychological.

How Common is Domestic Violence and Who are Victims of Domestic Violence?

One in three women will experience #IntimatePartnerViolence in their lifetime, and one in ten men. Victims cross all socioeconomic boundaries. Victims include all members of society from teachers to doctors to lawyers to Senators. The financial Impact of Domestic Violence currently costs The U.S. between $8 and $12 Billion dollars annually, factoring in medical bills, transitional/emergency housing, Loss of Work, and Trauma Recovery - Costs to the Victim, Abuser, and to Society at Large.

*According to The CDC and The Department of Justice.

How is my donation used to support the cause?

Here at The CDAC, we focus on immediate, tangible impact to victims in the form of distributing food, clothing, toiletries, transitional and emergency safe housing referrals, legal referrals, as well as long term support such as Trauma Recovery through Wellness and Educational Classes in the community.

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